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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Audrey's Birthday Party: Where Pink met The Wild Thing!

The day had finally arrived. Months of planning .Weeks of preparation . Days of shopping, packing and wrapping . The entire time I was luxuriating in the process.
All leading up to the celebration of another year!

First up, a Sweet Treat Table for my sweet girl!

Another angle...

And a profile shot!

Our gorgeous cake took center stage and was made by no other than our very own Marta Matute from Marta's Cakes. I had decided on pink and gold as the color theme weeks ago. I also love cameos and had that incorporated into the design. The cameo on the banner, cake, and cookies were inspired by the same frame of her invitation. Notice the flower on the top of the cake. Look familiar?

The table's treat selection included strawberry flavored everything. From marshmallows, Sticko wafers, Pocky pretzels, to mentos and different gummy candy . It was a berry explosion!

We also had polvoron wrapped in pink tissue paper and pink meringues.

For the baked confectionary, we had cookies, cupcakes, petit fours, madeleines and an old time favorite of mine, coconut macaroons-yum!

Look at the detail of the cupcakes! The toppers were sugar filigree in pink and gold and were extremely delicate. I broke a few while setting up . Lucky for me Marta sent extras.

My Petit Fours were more like Maxi Fours, they were so big. Larger than an average cupcake but still they were delicious.

Madeleines courtesy of Kookie Korner, as were the meringues and polvoron.

And coconut macaroons by Kookie Korner too!

I had little paper bags made so the children could collect their goodies in.

On the children's tables we laid out their party hats and had Goldilocks caramel popcorn in retro aluminum pails. We also had little bags of strawberry yogurt pretzels and jam filled biscuits for the children to munch on while they were playing games and partaking in the planned entertainment.

As the children arrived, they were given coloring sheets and some other art supplies so they could make their own Wild Thing mask. They later used these masks to role play during the story telling.

We had an interactive story telling and shadow puppet play of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, told and created by the teachers from My Masterpiece Movement.

The book was read to a shadow puppet play . I must say, the story teller and her assistants did a great job in holding the children's attention for almost an hour!

Roarrrr with The Wild Things!!

The shadow play begins with the coronation of the celebrant!

Children were active participants in the activity.

After the story telling, they all played Pass the Parcel and got ready to start another Wild Thing inspired activity.

Audrey insisted on having a Pass the Parcel. Really, who doesn't love this game?
Everyone's a winner!

Up next, the My Masterpiece artists created a mural with much involvement from the audience. They began by tracing some children and then started to draw .

They even incorporated a game of"pin the tail on the wild thing" and had all the children finger paint the color on to the mural. I wish I had pictures of the children painting but I think my photographer was afraid to get to close to a bunch of screaming 5 year olds and their finger painting fingers! Not that I could blame him.

The end result!
When the games were over, it was present time. I let her open five presents and then we brought the rest of her loot home to open and play with over the next few days.

Audrey is one lucky girl!

She too had a little something for everyone to take on their way home.

It was a tiring afternoon (week!) but if my little Audrey had a great time, then it was all worth it.

And judging from the pictures, I think she did!
My little wild thing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Buzzing Bee Birthday for Lucca

Happy Birthday Lucca!

My good friend Eds sent me these beautiful pictures of her nephews 1st birthday party.
Isn't everything just gorgeous? The attention to detail is utterly inspiring. Eds shared with me that her sister wanted to incorporate a yellow theme into the celebration to show their family's support for Philippine presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino. For those of you who are not familiar with Philippine politics, yellow has been the official color of the Aquino family since the assasination of Benigno Aquino Sr. in 1983. Noynoy's mother, the former President Corazon Aquino always wore yellow and for millions of Filipinos yellow is a symbol of hope, courage and peace.

As always, presentation is paramount. And don't think the perfect backdrop by Arturo Luz goes unnoticed!

The snacks are simple and familiar but everything seems so special when repackaged in an intricate and personal way.

I am absolutely loving the play on the bumble bee stripes and the honeycomb on the paper parts. And, the yellow with gray is a subtle alternative to the traditional bumble bee black and yellow color story.

This table below is just delightful. Inviting and enticing. The "lemon drop" jelly is such a wonderful idea.

Well done to Lucca's mommy! And of course to Tita Eds!
Lucca , every year is a gift.
May you have many , many more special celebrations ahead.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Love!

It's been a hectic day. Lot's of running around for the upcoming birthday party, cupcakes at school, swim practice, homework, dinner out... homework again.

I couldn't let the day pass without posting a very special happy birthday post for my Number 1 five year old- (who is happily conked out on her parents bed as I type!)

Happy Birthday Audrey! I hope that we never stop dancing!
PS. Found this photo on the internet. Not sure of the source but am hoping the owner won't mind. His/Her picture speaks volumes about mothers and daughters.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspiration for Audrey's 5th birthday

My baby is turning 5 in a few days.
When I think of little girls , or see pictures of young girls playing, I always imagine they are five years old. I don't know what it is about this age that is so special and sentimental to me.

What I do know is that I can't let her usher in this year without a party befitting of a princess!

Initially we were thinking of having a tea party to mark the occassion. Her big sister had one when she turned 4 and I assumed the little one would want a similar soiree as well . My mistake. As soon as I brought it up she informed me that she was "too big na" for a tea party. My heart sobbed just a bit. She's too big? "You're never to old for a tea party I told her" thinking of the many afternoons I have spent over a pot of tea in gorgeously decorated rooms with my girlfriends.

But I decided to let her have her way. Something I know from experience I am going have to get used to now that she is a little lady.

So we sat down and planned out the different elements of her birthday party together. Well, mostly together, mother still knows best after all!

We started with color. I showed her a bunch of photos and these were her favorites.

I was beaming with pride after reviewing her selections. My girl's got taste!
Can you guess what her favorite color is?

Of course balloons for a birthday party are de rigueur but I have been toying with the idea of utilizing pom poms for a while . It seems as if they are the hottest thing right now in party decor. When and why did we ever stop using them? They are so festive and fun!

Check out Pom-love for more dazzling pom pom decor.

I have been waiting for one of my girls to have a birthday party since I discovered the Amy Atlas website and blog and all the images that I have collected since discovering the delight of the sweet treats table. Some people are just so creative . I'm so envious of their talent and take comfort in knowing that my own talent lies in appreciating their efforts!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of birthday treat tables although there are so many more I have come across during my on line research.

So many wonderful ideas to be had from just looking at these tablescapes.

How simple is this? Cookies, doughnuts, cotton candy and soda pop. Longtime familiar favorites set out in a delightful and winsome manner. Presentation is truly everything!

A few more tables that tempt!

After seeing these gorgeous photos below, it was decided that pink and gold would be the color theme for our dessert table.

Details, details... aren't they exquisite!

I loved this party set up too and really wanted to incorporate this idea into the celebration but we might have to wait for the 6th birthday for our own ice cream parlour bash.

And of course the cake. You all know my obsession with birthday cakes. I must admit my opinion definitely prevailed over this decision. Add it to the list of things she'll thank me for when she's older! This will be the centerpiece of our sweet treats table so it has to be special.

I am in love with the the idea of a framed silhouette ,ornamented with dainty flowers.

And of course there will be birthday hats !

And story telling!

And games too!

Fun will be provided by My Masterpiece

And don't forget the goody bags!

I really could have used this image three years ago when Audrey turned 2 and had her vintage ABC birthday as seen here. Aren't they precious?

And lots and lots of treats to take home!

One could really go crazy planning a birthday party! The possibilities are truly endless.

We can't wait for her party and will post photos next week!